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Chloé Lee | Select Works

HOISAN MEMORIES (8 mins, work-in-progress) emotional arc, voiceover storytelling

Hoisan Memories (2020, 8 mins) is a personal documentary about my relationship with my grandmother. Through spoken word and archival documentation, I reflect on the changes of my grandmother’s ancestral village in Hoisan, China since she last visited. 


Pixel Painting (30 sec looping video) This began as an exploration of my digital drawings; expanding 2D into a 3D world. Created visuals + music.

Work-in-progress, includes photos (2021, 16 sec looping video — will be longer)

additional soundscape example - oceans sounds, people, subtle music

PORTRAIT OF EVA SCHLOSS (3mins) video/audio interviews

In September 2018, I stood in Eva Schloss’ London home, holding Otto Frank’s camera. Schloss, a survivor and memoirist, shared boxes of memorabilia, including letters Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, had received from readers of his daughter’s well-known diary. 

This video is part of the museum exhibition, Facing Survival, backed by Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, September 17, 2019.

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